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If you are curious about the art, culture, and history of Nepal, then Kathmandu full day Sightseeing Tour offered by Eye on Himalaya Treks and Expeditions P. Ltd would help you get some meaningful insights on the rich art, culture, and history of Nepal. Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal is also regarded as the city of gods and goddesses. No wonder, the city has a temple of different gods and goddesses in every corner you go.

The city possesses various sites of religious and historical importance. In the medieval period, the city used to be ruled by the Malla kings who are known for their rich and fine taste in art and architecture. They are also known for the lavishing lifestyle they preferred. Also, Nepal being a nation dominated by people of Hindu religion followed by the Buddhist religion, the place has many ancient temples and stupas. Acknowledging the beauty and importance of those sites, Nepal has listed ten of its sites in the list of UNESCO world heritage sites. Seven of which are in Kathmandu. Even the fact reflects the richness of Kathmandu when it comes to art, culture, and history.

Generally, the Kathmandu Sightseeing tour consists of four important locations in Kathmandu. Each of the locations included in the tour are described below:

Kathmandu Durbar Square
Kathmandu Durbar Square is an old royal palace built by the Malla kings during their reign in the medieval era. The palace is a huge complex with a palace, courtyards, temples and many other structures. The structure of this complex is spectacular that showcases the rich artistic skills of the Newari artists and craftsmen. Also, known as Hanuman Dhoka Durbar Square, the name comes after a statue of monkey (devotee of Lord Rama) in front of the main entrance gate. Hanuman refers to monkey and Dhoka means gate. The craftworks in the wooden doors, windows, and pillars of the palace is magnificent. So, are the artistic pictures engraved in the wood. The metalwork, woodwork and many other artistic works in the palace makes the palace a must-visit place in Kathmandu. The beauty of the palace was recognized to the world when it was listed in the charts of UNESCO listed world heritage sites. Kathmandu Durbar Square is an incredible place to visit for all the explorers interested in art, culture, and history.

Swayambhunath stupa
Swayambhunath stupa is a beautiful Buddhist stupa that rests on a hill rock 3 km west of Kathmandu. It is the holiest stupa that is said to evolved around 2000 years ago. It is believed that the Kathmandu valley was full of water like a lake with a lotus on it. The legendary figure Manjushree had cut the hill to let the water flow out of the valley. During this process, the lotus rested on the same spot where the stupa evolved. The stupa is a huge white dome with a golden spire with Buddha eyes looking on all sides. The premises of stupas have many other shrines and monasteries. The top of stupa offers some fascinating views of the entire Kathmandu city. Swayambhu stupa is also popular as a monkey temple amongst the visitors. 

Pashupatinath temple
Pashupatinath temple is an old and sacred temple of Lord Shiva that lies in the banks of the Bagmati river. It is a collection of temples, ashrams, images and various inscriptions that dates back to centuries. The temple holds high value amongst the Hindu pilgrims. It is considered as one of the supreme temples of Lord Shiva. Hindu pilgrims from around the world come to visit this temple. Only Hindus are allowed to enter the main premises of the temple. The must-visit sites of the temple are the cremation site and old ashrams around the temple. Sadhus dressed up in colorful attire with ashes rubbed in their body are also a major attraction of this site.

Boudhanath stupa
Located around 11 km away from the center of Kathmandu, Boudhanath is a huge stupa placed on a three-layered Mandela. The structure of stupa resembles that of Swayambhunath with a white big dome and golden spire with Buddha eyes placed on it. However, it is the largest stupa placed on a three-layered white washed Mandela. It is a very attractive place to spend some quality time in. 

These are the important four sites around the Kathmandu city listed in the charts of UNESCO world heritage sites. These place gives you some amazing insights on rich history of Nepal. Also, you will get to know about the Hindu and Buddhist religions. Some facts about the religions and their practices is sure to awe your heart or leave you in wonder! So, get ready for Kathmandu Sightseeing Tour. There is already so much to explore and discover!
Outline Itinerary of Kathmandu full day Sightseeing Tour :
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5 PM: Drive back to Hotel

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