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Paragliding in Nepal

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  • Admire the stunning landscapes – snow-clad mountains, verdant valleys, lush hills, picturesque Pokhara valley, serene lakes, etc
  • Get a birds-eye view; explore it all from above!
  • Preserve the memory with plenty of photos as you will have lots of opportunities
  • A day with full of adventure and enough time to relax and enjoy


Some useful info for paragliding in Nepal
1. Prior experience is not required for paragliding in Nepal. It is suitable for people from any age group. There is no any age limit   or restriction for this recreational activity. But you should have enough guts for this adventure. This adventure required flying   from the top of Sarangkot to Lakeside Pokhara. Make sure that you aren’t afraid of heights.
2. The pilot will instruct you about the adventure prior to glide
3. Carry a windproof jacket and sturdy shoes for the flight. Other clothing can be as per the season and weather in Pokhara.
4. The weight limit set for flight is 100 kg. (it’s for safety purpose)
5. A professional pilot will accompany you during the glide and set directions for the glide.

Imagine yourself flying like a bird making lazy circles in the clear blue sky! Yes, it’s possible with paragliding in Nepal. Paragliding is a recreational adventure sport of flying lightweight glider aircraft. In Nepal, this adventure sport is available in different locations like Godavari, Pulchowki, Bandipur, etc but the paragliding experience above the picturesque valley of Pokhara is the best. You can fly above the valley enjoying some majestic views of snow clad mountains, verdant hills, valleys and serene lakes inhaling the pristine air all around. You will be accompanied by a professional pilot who will guide you throughout the glide. 

Pokhara is often regarded as a natural paradise. It is a beautiful valley surrounded by magnificent Annapurna Himalayan chain, lush hills, and wild dense forests. While in Pokhara, there are lots of options for adventure sport amongst which Paragliding is a superb adventure activity. One can glide over the sky enjoying the magnificent views of Annapurna massif, serene lakes and lush nature all around. The paragliding starts from the top of Sarangkot. It’s a hill that lies just above the Pokhara valley. It is best known for some wonderful views of mountains and sunrise/ sunset views. One can walk or drive to Sarangkot. It’s a three hours’ easy walk along a lush trail if you want to hike up to Sarangkot. But if you want to ride, you can be there in just half an hour. 

As soon as you reach Sarangkot, you will be rewarded with some stunning views of mountains and Pokhara valley. The Phewa lake looks incredible from above. Sarangkot is not just a starting point of paragliding but of zip flyer as well. Some people are up there for sunrise/ sunset views and some for adventure sport. Every one of them will be excited to be in such a wonderful location with the mighty Annapurna massif in the backdrop. Paragliding can be of half an hour or an hour; you can select the duration as per your choice. The price shall differ with the duration of your trip. 

During paragliding, you will be accompanied by a professional gliding pilot. He/ she shall help you change the direction of the glide as you swirl in the air. Prior to gliding, your pilot shall brief you about the flight, do’s and do not’s of flight and some safety techniques. If you want to capture your adventure in a video, it can available on request with an extra charge.  

As you take off for paragliding from Sarangkot, you shall swirl in a circular motion to get down to the lakeside Pokhara. It’s truly an amazing adventure will eye-catching views of mountains, hills, valleys, lakes, and forests in abundance. So, if you want to be a part of this adventure sport, do not forget to remember your travel companion - Eye on Himalaya Treks and Expeditions P. Ltd. 

Eye on Himalaya Treks and Expeditions P. Ltd provides an excellent day trip to Sarangkot for a paragliding experience. Embrace our excellent arrangements as you enjoy your time while paragliding in Pokhara.

Best time for paragliding in Nepal
As far as it’s not raining, paragliding is always available. The best time for paragliding is September/ October/ November/ February and March. During this time, the weather is clearest of all. You can have the best views of mountains and the entire Pokhara valley. However, this adventure is available during the year. If the weather is clear during your visit to Pokhara, you can opt for this activity. 

8:00- 8:15 a.m. – You will be picked up at your hotel in Pokhara
8:15 a.m. – You will be driven to Sarangkot. It’s half an hour's drive from Pokhara city. We drive along a scenic road uphill to Saragkot.

8:45 a.m. – We reach Sarangkot. Upon arrival, we head towards the paragliding spot. If there is a queue for the adventure, we can explore around the area for a while. Sarangkot is a popular hiking destination just above the Pokhara valley. Sarangkot offers some magnificent views of mountains and Pokhara valley.

Fly over Fewa Lake – This is the highlight of the trip – paragliding over the picturesque Pokhara city with astonishing views of mountains in the backdrop. As we swirl in the air, we can enjoy the stunning views of snow-clad mountains right before our eyes. Also, the verdant valley and serene lakes down below us will enhance the excitement of the glide. The gliding adventure ends as the lakeside Pokhara. 
Lunch – After the gliding adventure, we enjoy our lunch at a restaurant in the lakeside.
A bit of exploration – After lunch, we explore around the lakeside area for a while. The serene lake water, colorful boats, lushness, mountains and people, everything about the lakeside is so charming.

Back to hotel – After a bit of exploration, you will be dropped down at your hotel in Pokhara. Hope you had a good time with us!

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