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Top 7 Best Tourist Destinations in Nepal

Top 7 Best Tourist Destinations in Nepal

Nepal is one of the super exquisite destinations for tourism activities in Nepal. It is also a destination already naturally filled up with beautiful cinematic areas for different activities related to tourism. Nepal is a small country in geography but has already blessed from past centuries in the context of beauty. Nepal is totally defined by the different types of lakes, mountains, glaciers, caves and many more. Nepal is a stunning nation that offers lots of nature seekers, travelers, and hikers in the different areas of the country. Nepal is always an ideal country in the diversity nature which adds values and exotic culture for the activities of travel and tourism with various friends and family. Nepal is also called as a utopia in the slide of natural beauty. The value of Nepal also adds the marvelous scenic beauty of the highest mountain that also offers a remarkable lifetime experience during the time of travel in Nepal.

In Nepal, the various destinations such as them are described below. 

Rara Lake:

As you already knew about the Rara Lake that it is the greatest Lake located at the highest point. Rara is the lake located in the Zone of Karnali and situated in the altitude of 2972m above from the level.  In the place of Rara, there is also Rara National park whose all the plantation of flora and fauna also automatically adds the excitement and beauties in the lakes.  Rara is a beautiful lake that also changes its face from time to time as well as the color of water also changes accordingly to the day time. The destination has a rough route and with the different views of nature that also promises satisfaction in the visitors with the different views of lake, hills, and mountains at the same time. This is the place which is always famous for the delicious fish i.e ‘Asala’ fish. There is also an ultimate reflection of the various higher mountainous place is Mt. Kanjirowa that follows the proper segregation of the lake.


Lumbini is the Holy place and pride of Nepal from where the origination of peace developed and flourishes around the world. It is a place where Lord Gautam Buddha was born. The place has its own importance in its areas where Maya Devi Temple is also a place where Lord Buddha was born. The place is also dominated by cultural and historical importance from the past and it is also definately more important to the Buddhists people. This place also has the Famous thing that is Ashoka Pillar which is also evidence of the Birth of Lord Gautam Buddha. Including all of those areas Lumbini also has many of the monasteries and temples which provide a beautiful experience that also shows the complete history of Lumbini including Gautama Buddha. The local name of the peace pagoda is aslo ‘Shanti Stupa’ which is the major attraction of the destination. It is also a peaceful environment that also condemns the eternal frame of the peace that also never extinguishes in the destination. It is also definately a major thing of a place that needs to be visited.

Upper Mustang:

Mustang is taken as the least populated place in Nepal. It is the place where we can visualize the astonishing thing related to tourism. This is what place offers and aslo culturally involved in the different destinations in the comparison of various Tibetian culture. The area is most popular for trekking activities which are officially allowed in the time of 1992 after the various situations or times of destinations. One of the best times for trekking in Nepal in the destination of Upper Mustang is taken as Monsoon seasons. This place can be reached by the Jomsom which is mostly incompleted by the cinematic and stunning cold environment. This place mostly covered with snow and also has various has many snowy mountains and also different diversities of the people. This place is a wonderful place mostly for tye fruit i.e Dried apple and apple.

Everest Base Camp:

Everest is the world’s highest peak and roof of the world. It is located in the lap of the stunning Himalayan that is Everest which is known for everyone. You will definitely fulfill all of your expectations and desire that certainly adventurous for everyone. You will be experiencing the breathtaking scenario of the Highest mountain in front of you what was expected from this whole journey. This tour will begin by taking a flight from Kathmandu to Lukla that will definitely give the adventure that can be succeeded by the trekking activities. This trekking can be done through the snowy land and rhododendron forests that will definitely be led by the magical trekking journey. This journey shows you the higher beauties of the Himalayans of a country that also get richness in the Sherpa culture. In the way, during trekking, you will meet different people and Sherpa village that also adds a kind of happiness and excitement during the tour. Everest Three Pass Trek and Everest Chola Pass Trek are the alternatives trekking routes of Everest base camp trek


Pokhara is a beautiful and one of the best tourist destinations in Nepal. Pokhara is also designed as the city of caves and lakes for the tourists of domestic and international areas. This place also offers various stunning tourism activities such as Boating, Paragliding, Hot air ballooning, etc in various places such as Begnas lake, Phewa lake and other different beautiful attractions of the Pokhara. Pokhara is located in the east direction of the country and 200 km away from Kathmandu. There is also a famous place in Pokhara that is  Mahendra cave which is so much important in a place with its own local cultural values. One of the stunning falls in Pokhara is David’s falls which is almost more visited place in Pokhara. This city is one of the cheapest cities and never will disappoint the traveler during the time of travel.

The base camp of Manaslu:

The height of Manaslu is more than eight thousand and listed as the eighth highest mountain in the world. It has a height of 8163m above sea level. Those of the trekking activities show the stunningly beautiful view of the different mountain peaks along with the various Glacier is Manaslu that also allows the round or a circle along with the Mountain Manaslu. These of the rural area is completely rich in the Tibetian culture and  Buddhism religion. This tourism activity also helps to allow the various types of monasteries that also show the different values of people’s diversity and traditions as well. It will also lead us to the fascinating village tourism including various cultural and traditional sights. This place establishes the trekking activity at the time of 1991. This trekking route also follows the various River that is Burhi Gandaki and automatically provides a great experience during traveling and trekking.

Swyambhunath  :

Swyanmbhunath is located at the top of a hill in a conical shape which series the popular holy place for the Buddhist people. It is also an amazing tourism destination to know and experience the essence of this place. This place Swayambhu Nath is also the monkey temple and has many of the legends that designed the place so much popular and regarded as one of the most awaited places in Nepal. Swayambhunath is enlisted in the UNESCO world heritage site. As it is one of the most fascinating destinations built-in many years ago by the Buddhist ancestors. It is the holy place of Buddhists so they believed that it has one of the important religious factors in the country.IT is also an ancient religious place with full of architectural influences present in this era in the world of a small country like Nepal. Thousands of visitors visit this place every year aim to experience the culture, religious and mostly Buddhist people want to visit this place once in their lifetime. This is the real fact thing due to which Buddhism is popular in the entire country among the people.  We recommend Nepal to visit once because you will definitely get a chance to explore the spiritual motivation with the help of this place. It is also said that this place is especially founded by the grandfather of our recent popular King Mandela in the century of 5th.  There is also an inscription made in the different walls of the Swayambhunath as a confirmed fact data. If you really want to enjoy such things in Nepal then make sure that your agency must need to include these places in the itinerary.  

So in the conclusion part, Nepal is a peaceful land with thousands of tourism destinations. We can say that your one life is not quite sufficient to explore Nepal in a single life. So don’t think anything lets explore that seven destinations in Nepal to achieve something in this present life. Above we have, mention the most popular destination Nepal with its overall importance in the growth of tourism in the Country. Among that destination someplace is listed in a world heritage site. 

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