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10 Things to do during Everest Base Camp Trek

10 Things to do during Everest Base Camp Trek

Traveling to the world’s best place begins from Kathmandu to Lukla through the flight. After this, we have to land on the world’s highest airport located place Lukla. Then you will immediately feel a change in the climatic condition of the Everest region. You will be taken to the different branches of the village which are rich in the ethnic group of sherpa settlements on the base part of the World’s highest mountain Peak. They are likely to be said as most fascinating, awe-inspiring and breathtaking in the Everest region. This place is closely connected with lots of cultural presence with a fabulous amount of unforgettable trips that will be easily stuck in your mind for many decades. 

In every step of the trekking, you will witness the magnificent scenery of the mountain peaks that also decorate the skyline. The natural influences of the horizon are absolutely and equally ornamental, also woven together into the different canvas of simplicity beauties. This path will lead us to the alpine woodlands and rhododendron forests, river gorges, steep ridgelines. Moreover, there is also a well-trodden path that leads us through the reputed overnight stops along with those ways to Namche, Tengboche, Dingboche, and the name of other few places. Each and every village that offer the majestic and amazing scenery of the peaks of Mountain and similarly it also presents the cultural contours in various forms like Chortens, Gumbas, stupas and colorful prayer of the beautiful flags that also defines the region rich in such ethnicity semblance. The3 beauty of the Khumbu region is like never-ending in Nepal which is the mother of the thousands of the Himalayas in the world. This place is completely dominated by the sherpa people with their amazing cultures and ethnic groups. Further on we may also get a chance to see the beautiful farmlands, colorful monasteries, tiny villages, and grazing yaks inside the stunning shadow of the ultimate peaks which are the world highest.  

1. Explore Namche Bazaar

Namche Bazzar is one of the economic and cultural hubs of the world’s highest lap region that is Sagarmatha. In the Namche Bazzar, you can enjoy the colorful panoply of the different houses, shops, lodges, ATMs. Bakeries and restaurants. The narrow places of the Namche Bazar that shares with the Monks, Locals, sherpas traders, yaks, that also offers the various discovery on each and every corner of the monasteries, bakeries to the museums. When you are at Namche Bazar, just need to take a little bit stroll around the shops or town where you can see the unique Mountainous Tibetian products and if you are interested to buy trekking products or gears this place is for you. There are also some guests who are really not interested in shopping can spend their time with the exploration of everyday activities in the local businessmen or the community sherpa people.    

2. Exploring Kalapatthar

You may be amazed by the fact that Everest cannot be seen from the base camp. You don’t even need to feel sad about this thing because a little hiking from the Gorakshep before you may reach the point of base camp that will take you to most stunning rocky peak Kalapatthar. Trekking to the Kalapatthar is a fabulous thing that you should do in your life because it will go through Namche and Tengboche, Lobuche and Dingboche that leads towards the Mt. Everest Base camp. Most amazing suspension bridges that are hanging over the in uphill trekking spots that clarify you to know about the mountain in the world. In your entire trekking, you will be in the heartland of the Sherpa people community. The sherpas are the most hardworking people in this region and the original inhalant of the highland. 

3. Experience praying to the Tengboche Monastery

When you already made 1300 ft ascent you will be in the destination of the hilltop where you may see the Monastry called Tengboche. This will be the most stunning mountain view that you ever had in your life. You should experience the deep chants like Mantras of their religion gods as a prayer in the Jokhang (which is called prayer Hall). This will be also your spiritual inspiring moment in life. You can also interact with the people while visiting the monastery and with the group of the expedition team ready for the Mt. Everest Expedition. 

 4. Exquisite Himalayan Lakes 

Taking a short trek to the Base camp will lead you to the Exquisite Region of Gokyo lake. Everest is so much popular in the world not only for the mountain but also for the variety of higher lakes found in altitude. Those of the Himalayan lakes are totally different according to the region you see. You will totally feel the adventure and happy because this region is almost full of impressive high altitude lakes and wonderful glaciers. This area is totally surrounded by the world’s highest peaks such as Lhoste, Ama Dablam, Mount Everest, and  Nuptse. This is what you get to know and need to do while you are in the Everest base camp trek. 

5.Trail of this region

This is already true that you are in the world’s highest point that is in the Everest base camp. This place definitely shows you the various highest mountains and due to the help of that trail, you will be able to see all those mountains. This is also the centuries old-path which is trodden by the great adventure and first climbers of Everest. There is no doubt that the Everest region trekking trail is one of the best trails in the world, Travelling through the cultivated fields, Beautiful hamlet and different monasteries where you can also see the prayers flag hanging on the rope along the path.

6. Exploring Mount Everest

 Everest Base Camp trek is an almost stunning place inside this globe and also considered as one of the renowned treks. Walking about thirty-one miles from Lukla to the stunning place Everest base camp that also offers the most incredible experiences to make it done and admire during a trip. It is a deliberate place located in the Khumbu region of the country and popular in the world saying a home of Himalayas. The trekking in the destination is filled up with a lot of significance of Khumbu stunning nature, Himalayan facets and finally culture of a place. It could be your almost different experience to make a journey filled up with the enjoyment of mighty Everest peaks up close. The sight of the world’s highest peak Majestic Himalaya i.e Mt. Everest massif something that doesn’t have a word to describe.

7. Enjoying with the Environment

The local name of the Everest region is the Khumbu region which is an amazing and stunning place for the mountain views. This region never fails to show its exponential beauty towards the trekkers and also leaves your carving for a more magnificent splendor. These laces also contain striking landscapes, glaciers, colorful villages with many long-lasting glorious mountain peaks. This is a region where you only can get such a thing and maybe there is no place on the earth where you can not enjoy such an environment.

 8. Tea house to tea house trek

In this region of Everest, you will be offered a good combination of simple and easy accommodation facilities just for relaxing. There you have to take some social atmosphere in your entire trekking activities. You will be offered a very warm hospitable and cozy breakfast in a room during the time of chanting and sharing your overall experiences with each and other trekkers which will definately inspire fore you ahead trekking activities.  You will see the guides and porters master in the card games in the rest time at night, laughter which is shared with trekkers is the most memorable thing you have seen in your trek. 

9. Taste sherpa cuisine

If you are really in the Everest region never forget to taste the sherpa cuisine because it is made of local organic things with great taste that you have ever tasted in your life. Sherpa food style is almost different from the other part of the country. Himalayan region is cold and we also want a hot cuisine made by the Sherpa people. So they also offer warm and delicious delicacy after long walking in this place.

10. Peace environment

The Himalayan region itself a peace zone in our country. Regarding such a thing you also may not be a very spiritual person but the region will definately change you into a spiritual believing one. Most of the people in this used to fill their local culture Buddhists and Tibetian. They are very calm and peaceful while you see them passing throughout the trail. You will also pass through the various Buddhist historical places such as Gumba, Monastries and religious Monks chanting around. This is the most fascinating thing that helps you to make an appreciation and insight with the people around there being spiritually aware. 

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